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Get to know Bob Fletcher

In 1994, Bob Fletcher was elected to serve as Ramsey County Sheriff. Over the next 16 years, the sheriff's office developed several new initiatives including the ramsey county curfew center, Youth literacy & Athletics programs, expanded citizen volunteerism opportunities, a Premier K9 Unit that went on to be National champions, Enhanced court house security operations, Safe schools initiatives, Meth preventions Programs, a Gang intervention team, Sexual Offender & Career criminal tracking, Community Notification Technologies, and a Counter Terrorism Unit.  Serious crime in Ramsey County fell by 20% during Bob's time as Sheriff.  Since leaving the Sheriff Office Bob has focused his energy on combating radicalization and helping Law enforcement be prepared for terrorism in America. More information on his work today can be found at

Ramsey County Sheriff 1995 - 2011

Post Sheriff - Combating Radicalization and Terrorism